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The laskar

       Considered the father of all the volcanoes in Atacama, Laskar is the most active volcano of northern Chile, culminating at 5593m above sea level. The tour is a full day trip, leaving town early in the morning around 5am with a return scheduled for 4pm. Breakfast is served next to the beautiful Lejia Lagoon just by the time the sun is about to rise.


                    We then continue on in our 4WD to the base of the volcano. Consider 3 hours to hike to the top where you stand right next to the impressive crater blowing steams in all directions. The ascension requires an intermediate physical level and previous acclimatization. Snacks are included.

5/5H30  -  16H00

Pick up hostal

High mountain clothes/shoes

2 L of water - Sun cream/glasses



hiking food

No entrance