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The cerro toco

                San Pedro de Atacama, land of volcanoes and Andean myths, is surrounded by beautiful peaks. Tours to climb these summits are half or full day, some even take several days. We shall find a suitable peak for you with respect to your mountaineering experience, your time for acclimatization and the heights you would like to reach.

Toco Mountain

                The most accessible mountain around San Pedro is Toco Mountain, 5604m high. Usually done in half a day, we leave town around 8am and should be back around 2pm. Consider 1h30min of time to climb to the top where you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of both the Chilean and Bolivian high plateau. The majestic Licancabur and his smaller brother Juriques as well as the White Lagoon in Bolivia complete the beautiful scenery.

7H30/8H00  -  14H00

Pick up hostal

High mountain clothes/shoes

2 L of water - Sun cream/glasses



hiking food

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