Puritama hot springs


     Located about 30km north of San Pedro de Atacama at an altitude of 3500m, the Puritama Hot Springs with their naturally hot waters are found in an extremely beautiful environment: at the bottom of a deep canyon, high walls of pyroclastic rocks to both sides and a stunningly divers flora all around.

       The atmosphere is perfect to relax and recharge your energy. 3 hours onsite to spend in one of the 8 pools. Dressing rooms, toilets and picnic tables are available.

8/8H30  -  12H30

13H30   -  17H30

Pick up hostal

Agency 1

Normal clothe -  Walking shooes

1 L of water - Sun cream/glasses

Swiming clothes

Nothing included

15 000 AM/Sat/Sun

9 000  Mon/Fri - PM