UA-111665817-1 Cejar lagoon, Lagune tebinquiche, Ojos del salar

Cejar Lagoon

         Cejar lagoon is a very unique ecosystem; its waters have an extremely high concentration of salt in which you may experience the sensation of floating for about one hour. In spite of all the salt and the heat of the sun, the surroundings blast with different types of plants and some interesting birdlife.


             We then visit “the eyes of the Salt Flat” another site of geologic interest before arriving at THE spot for sunset: Laguna Tebenquinche with its incredibly beautiful change of colors while the sun sets and usually a perfect mirror of the Andes in the water of the lagoon. A Pisco Sour in hand and some snacks to enjoy the show even more.

15H00 -  20H00

Agency 1

Muy bien abrigado - Zapata de caminata

1,5 L de agua - Bloqueadore de Sol/lentes

Traje de baño y toalla

Snack / Pisco sour

17 000 pesos entrance